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We are pursuing the past with a new style and new production technique, and we have an intention of attending to it. We believe that this can be achieved through building bridges spanning the past with the present, and continuing to remember the presence of the people who are inside the present and will be inside our future.

All of the questions happening are meant for reaching the better, the more beautiful, the further, and at most, the fastest ones… And this has been included in the question “Do we forsake the past so easily?” All right, what if the thing that we have forsaken is better than that of the “present”? We know that the good and the fast and the further do not inescapably come to mean the “right”. “Right” can only appear in the end of the conflicts of the perceptions, and it is easy for us to become a stranger to “right” as long as we do not let this conflict happen.

The project “Unrepeatable” aims to hear these inquiries from the real owners of the past and let them be heard. Not providing a clear answer for the audience, however, a word, looking as if as a simple term, to be uttered by the weaver may convey a sharp meaning, “We would gather the herbs and paint the threads with them, now these are purchased from the factories. We would not even throw the walnut shells and the like……”



“One piece a week that we can make by hand can be made as hundred pieces a day through machineries. In this respect, the mechanisation has been endangering.”


“My name is Mustafa, I have been in this profession for 46 years. I’ve been doing this since my childhood, pursuing my dad’s profession. I have enjoyed and I am still enjoying doing this job, of course, I am fed up with this, but, if I were born again, I would do this job again.”


“We would paint and dry them by exposing them to the sun. My mother would spin them from sheep’s wool, then would make hank of yard. After then adding a little bit paint into the water, they would paint like this.”